Event & Venue Lighting

If your event is in a temporary venue such as a marquee, you will almost certainly require lighting. Even if your venue already has basic house lighting, it can still be enhanced by additional event lighting.

The addition of coloured and atmospheric lighting can transform the look and feel of a room. Venue lighting can be an extremely cost-effective way to create the appropriate atmosphere and bring a room to life.

Event Lighting - OCM Events

One of the simplest and most popular ways to enhance a room is to add uplighters. We are able to offer a variety of solutions when it comes to uplighting, from simple, fixed, coloured lights to wireless, battery-powered, colour-changing lights.

Our coloured lighting is not limited to uplighting, we can also install downlighters in a number of ways, be it from a dedicated, overhead lighting truss, lighting stands or suspended directly from the ceiling.

We can also add spot lighting to bring out specific features within a room or to light tables within a marquee.

Live Event Lighting - OCM Events

In addition to simple coloured light to lift a venue, we can provide advanced lighting installations. This option includes intelligent lighting fixtures which move and flash in time to the music to really get the party going!

In cases where an advanced installation is required, we can supply a lighting technician to operate the lighting live at your event to ensure you get the best out of the installed lights.

For venues such as marquees, where there is no permanent lighting installation, OCM is able to provide generic house lighting in addition to emergency lighting to ensure the safety of all guests during a power outage or emergency situation.

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Architectural Lighting - OCM Events

Our lighting services are not limited to indoor venues. With our architectural and outdoor lighting solutions, the outside of your venue will look just as good as the inside! Whether you need floodlights to lead the way to the car park or special lighting to make the most of a beautiful building, we have a solution to help.

As every event is unique and every customer's lighting requirements are different, we don't provide restrictive package pricing. Please contact us to discuss your event and we will then provide you with a personal proposal tailored to your event.